Empty office, workspace suddenly at home?

Learn how to get a hold on your home office and how to manage remote teamwork time bombs. In this course you will improve your online work productivity and control your virtual environments.
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Afraid of time bombs that could backfire?

The earlier you know how to lead your team online, the less problems will occur (less bombs). The longer you wait to take action, the more bombs you have to put out.

  • ditch horrible phone conferences, manage them actively

  • avoid workarounds and learn which tools suit your needs

  • prevent siloes by choosing a meaningful framework of cooperation

  • don't let your team lose touch, instead create a sociable atmosphere

  • instead of drowning in chaos, let us help you to make it through the next weeks

Get help right here!

Your instructors Philip and Philipp share their knowledge with you. You are in safe hands.

Philip Auinger

Philip Auinger comes from a family of teachers and has a true passion for teaching, known as the "Leonard teaching gene" (based on his mother's maiden name). He worked for years in international corporations as project manager and team leader, working virtually with people from various European countries. His managers and employees were scattered over the continent, so working in a virtual team environment became second nature to him. Together with Philipp Effenberger, he helps you with your new challenge of leading a team remotely.

Philipp Effenberger

Philipp Effenberger started off as computer engineer working on IT systems that connected remote teams. As such, he understood how crucial systems are to connect people. After leaving IT, he rediscovered a passion – coaching and training people. With a long history of coaching and training Philipp helps people from all walks of life to develop. He regularly works with virtual teams and online office structures. Now he gladly shares best-practices with people who need to adjust to virtual challenges fast.

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This course in 3 words:

  • Informative

    What you learn here is based on practical experience, no boring theory.

  • Enjoyable

    Your instructors have a sense of humor which cheers up this course.

  • Concise

    Two experts share their knowledge in 17 short videos in one course.

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Philip speaks about remote leadership

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Philipp's advice on virtual processes

Course overview

In our 17 short videos you get hands-on advice! Quick results: in just 1 hour you learn key-points to improve motivation and productivity of your team online!

  • 1

    Instructions for this course

    • A short message before you start

  • 2


    • Let's get started!

    • Test PDF A4

    • Lorem A4 PDF 24pt

    • Info PDF

  • 3

    Shift your mindset

    • Control vs. trust

    • Rigidity vs. flexibility

  • 4

    How to boost your new communication stye

    • Choice of communication

    • E-mail

    • Instant messaging

    • Shared Resources

    • 1:1 calls

    • Team calls: preparation

    • Team calls: execution

    • Team calls: follow-up

    • Video calls

    • Conclusion of communication types

  • 5

    Short cuts to master social aspects

    • Tripping stones

    • Keep the team spirit

    • Take it easy

  • 6

    Key take-aways

    • Your leadership makes the difference

  • 7

    Individual coaching calls

    • Let's tackle your specific situation!